Sunday, August 05, 2007

Two is Company, Three is a Julia

Just when Angela and I thought we were gonna have a nice Canada Day together, her kid sister tags along.


Anonymous said...

the motive power at the disposal of the repressed wish, but also offer to the unconscious something indispensable, namely, the attachment necessary to the transference.. You were right about the children--that is, I must have misunderstood him.. There was no change in his expression.. The interpretation follows in such a manner that the perceived object is rendered harmless as a sleep disturber and becomes available for the wish-fulfillment.. In answering the question as to what provokes the dream, as to the connection of the dream, in the daily troubles, we must say, in terms of the insight given us by replacing the manifest latent dream content: The dream does never trouble itself about things which are not deserving of our concern during the day, and trivialities which do not trouble us during the day have no power to pursue us whilst asleep.. The hat symbol was familiar to me long before the patient related this dream.. He, however, smiled vaguely and, sitting down, coughed slightly, and placed his fingertips together.. As I ran at full speed, with my nose up in the atmosphere, and intent only upon the purloiner of my property, I suddenly perceived that my feet rested no longer upon terra firma ; the fact is, I had thrown myself over a precipice, and should inevitably have been dashed to pieces but for my good fortune in grasping the end of a long guide-rope, which depended from a passing balloon.. As the main feature of these processes we recognize the high importance attached to the fact of rendering the occupation energy mobile and capable of discharge; the content and the actual significance of the psychic elements, to which these energies adhere, become a matter of secondary importance.. Why, it never made no difference to him --he'd bet on any thing--the dangest feller. The girl shook her head.. Thus the left may signify homosexuality, incest, and perversion, while the right signifies marriage, relations with a prostitute, &c.. The Colonel did not move.. It will be perhaps to the point if we instance in the briefest way the means of dramatization which are at the disposal of the dream work for the repetition of the dream thoughts in the peculiar language of the dream.. He would remind the jury that only a few weeks ago he stood there as the advocate of a powerful company, then represented by the present defendant.. But if anything excited my suspicion, and, putting on my spectacles, I saw that I was fondling a snake, or smelling at a bud with a worm in it, I sprang up in horror and ran away; or, if it seemed to me through the glasses that a cherub smiled upon me, or a rose was blooming in my buttonhole, then I felt myself imperfect and impure, not fit to be leading and training what was so essentially superior in quality to myself, and I kissed the children and left them weeping and wondering.. Dat jest what Miss Hortense say.. , a solicitude, and is not the very transparent father's dream mentioned above of just such a nature? From the gleam of light falling into his eyes while asleep the father draws the solicitous conclusion that a candle has been upset and may have set fire to the corpse; he transforms this conclusion into a dream by investing it with a senseful situation enacted in the present tense.. The dream would not originate if the foreconscious wish were not reinforced from another source.. Or, at another time, if placed by the dream in a sexually exciting situation, he thinks in his sleep: I do not care to continue this dream and exhaust myself by a pollution; I prefer to defer it in favor of a real situation.

Mark Tomé said...

I want to say that im very proud that my blog is popular enough to have advertisement bots comment on it.

It will make my comments look like people care more than they really do.

rest assured, on behalf of blogger...I accept this honour, and I will not be deleting these posts...

..thank you

Sass-a-frass said...

?? Mark, who is this Andrew Johnson and what the hell is this gibberish he left here? Is he trying to diss you in some kind of nonsensical artsy fartsy smart-ass way that's way too advanced for science majors like myself to understand? Cause yeah... I'm confused.

P.S. Julia loved the finished product.