Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Free Samples only from Supermarket Fresh!

Don't lie, you watched this show. Anyway, no that IS NOT my work. I don't want there to be any confusion otherwise. But I do want you guys to know that I've uploaded the legend of zelda 80's cartoon model sheets. You can find them here

You will need adobe reader to view them. These sheets can be found on the legend of zelda animated series dvd thats available at amazon. If you liked the legend of zelda or you're just a fan of beautiful 80's animation, pick it up....support the artists and more importantly evil publishers

/end commercial


Bobby Chiu said...

BEEEautiful work you have here Mark!!

If you or anyone you know is interested I have a digital painting class at Sheridan starting April 27. Check out my blog for more info


Bobby Chiu said...

Luv the models!

Robin Hall said...

the model sheet like doesn't seem to want to work... I love the 'Bring Back Laurence Welk' piece, but I mean.... do you really want it back? I work in a hospital and every day the oldies watch it and remember...

and then I get the tunes stuck in my head, haha

Erica Pitt said...

My dad still watches Lawrence Welk on TV.
I'm glad I'm away at school...so very glad.